earth-file000687954794This site contains audio and video podcasts of life-stories from a radio program in Australia. The stories are about Christians who through their Christian values, world view, and abilities have influenced their societies in positive ways. In doing so they have become world shapers. They are “Christians who made a difference”.

Some of these Christians are scientists, and some have made social improvements for their societies. Some are Australians and some from other countries. Some have improved education opportunities for many. Some have been politically active and changed nations futures. Some have been artists, and some have been industrialists. There are men and women. All have made a difference. Use this material in school projects. All stories have an audio as they were broadcast on Songs of Hope radio program in Melbourne. Some of the stories also have an accompanying video.

The radio program is “Songs of Hope”. The radio station is Southern FM 88.3, a community station located in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. Songs of Hope is heard each Sunday between  7 am and 9 am on 88.3 Southern FM in Melbourne, Australia.

New stories will be added on a regular basis.